Heavy Cutting Merinos Profitable Merino Genetics
Dual Purpose Merinos Medium micron merinos
Poll Merino Rams Heavy Cutting Merinos
Our term "Deliberately Different" highlights our unique and advanced genetics
Westray make tailored recommendations to enhance your genetic gain and simplify your breeding program

47th Annual On-Property
Merino & Poll Merino Ram Sale

Thanks to Westray Merinos attention to detail you will experience real "peace of mind" when investing in our genetics as we offer a comprehensive service to support the sheep we sell. We believe in acting ethically and providing transparency to ensure we are creating a win-win relationship not a one-off transaction.

There is no mystery surrounding our Merinos as your required information will always include date of birth, sire, dam, micron, SD, CV, CF along with body weight and even the wool cut information.

Our Westray philosophy is centred around your farm’s profitability. We ensure that all Marinos have an exciting wool quality, a quality that is soft to touch, has a high follicle density with evenly sized and well-structured fibres.

The quality of our stock and a quality of our wool will excite you and will always exceed your expectations…this in turn will improve the quality of your own life.

Profitable Merino Genetics
Dual Purpose Merinos
Medium micron merinos
Poll Merino Rams
Heavy Cutting Merinos


Profitable Merino Genetics Dual Purpose Merinos
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Medium micron merinos Poll Merino Rams


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Thanks to Westray Merinos being "Deliberately Different", our experience will ensure you have a positive outcome

Helping you and your farm, experience real peace of mind thanks to our quality genetics and year round support that will exceed your expectations.

Look no further than Westray & Genanegie Merinos.

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Heavy Cutting Merinos
Profitable Merino Genetics
Deliberately Different
Westray Merinos has sold genetics Australia wide since the studs inception and internationally to China, Argentina and South Africa. We are deliberately different.

Dual Purpose Merinos
Why Westray
Against a backdrop of escalating cost pressures to Agribusiness in general, productivity and efficiency are the key. Additional productivity allows more to be achieved off less.

Medium micron merinos
Impact Sires
Since 1963 we have been at the forefront of Merino production consistently producing Impact Sires of the highest quality thanks to our view on prioritising production and heritable traits.


Poll Merino Rams from Westray Merino’s have been bred to be the finest examples of Merino sheep available today. Our Merino sheep are Heavy Cutting Merinos as they have a high yield and class leading wool. If you are looking for Profitable Merino Genetics then our Merino’s have been perfected over generations to produce high yield wool. As Dual Purpose Merinos, our Merino’s are suitable for both meat and wool production and have been rated favourably on both counts. Our sheep are classified as Medium Micron Merinos as their wool has a fibre diameter of 20.6-22.5 microns.



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