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Westray Merino Stud History

Westray Merinos was founded in 1963 by Graham & Marjorie Holton as flock number 3007 on special and double stud ewes from Wonga. From 1972, significant investments in top stud sires from Wonga were made. During the mid 1970’s Westray also introduced Collinsville genetics.

Also during the 1970’s a Poll Merino Stud was introduced known as WestLea. By 1977 we pioneered the on-property hogget ram sale in NSW and during this period Westray genetics were widely regarded as some of the heaviest cutting sheep around.

During the 1990’s and early 2000’s our genetics dominated the Peak Hill Ewe Hogget competition, winning 10 out of 13 years. We’ve also had success in the Yeoval Ewe Hogget competition winning on multiple occasions, performed well in the Parkes Ewe Hogget competition and had strong results in numerous NSW based wether trials. These results ensured that in a very strong and highly competitive merino sheep area we forged and have maintained the highest local market share.

In recent years we re-registered our poll nucleus as Westray Poll, Flock number 1625. Collinsville Regal 9 (110009) was the highest price Collinsville sold in Adelaide in 2012, we purchased him for $23,000 to increase our poll genetics and his progeny have sold up to $66,000. In 2016, 150134 (E.T) was sold for $16,000 to Argentina and in 2018 our poll sire 170207 (E.T) won the Elders Midstate Hogget competition before selling to Western Australia for $15,000. Also in 2018, Westray 170283 (E.T) sold to a Victorian Stud syndicate for $20,000.

In 2018 we secured a half share in Collinsville stud sire Imperial 170521, a $60,000 ram lamb. At the time, 170521 was arguably the best skinned poll sire Collinsville had sold. In 2019, Westray 180197 (E.T) sold to Argentina for $20,000. In 2021 we purchased Collinsville Imperial 200033 (E.T) in partnership with Lach River Merino Stud for $88,000. This was the highest price Poll Merino sold in Australia in 2021.

Westray Merinos has sold genetics Australia wide since the studs inception and internationally to China, Argentina and South Africa.

Medium micron merinos
Poll Merino Rams
Heavy Cutting Merinos
Profitable Merino Genetics
Dual Purpose Merinos
Genanegie Merino Stud History

Genanegie Merino Stud was founded by Malcolm Swain in 1948, as flock number 1503, based on Wonga bloodlines.

Throughout the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s the absolute best sires were purchased with Malcolm Swain being renowned for paying record prices for elite genetics.

The Tom Culley influence was immense. A Manderlay infusion was used later to give Genanegie a tableland type.

Collinsville was also used to help with the big, heavy cutting sheep on plainer bodies.

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s Genanegie performed strongly in the show ring for an extended period, winning the Elders Midstate Hogget in 1990, 91, 94 and 95 and placing second in 92 and 93. The first On-Property sale was at Riverview in 1994. Other notable additions to the stud were in 2008 when Stephen Swain introduced Wanganella genetics through the purchase of “Murdoch” a $10,000 ram bought out of the Wanganella reserve pen.

Genanegie is renowned for producing medium to strong wools with true, heavy cutting capabilities. Staple length is a defining virtue, ensuring outstanding yields are achieved. The bloodline produces big, structurally sound, quick maturing, heavy boned sheep. White wools ensure that they are very capable of handling higher rainfall environments.


Medium micron merinos Poll Merino Rams
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Dual Purpose Merinos
Medium micron merinos
Deliberately Different
Westray Merinos has sold genetics Australia wide since the studs inception and internationally to China, Argentina and South Africa. We are deliberately different.

Poll Merino Rams
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Against a backdrop of escalating cost pressures to Agribusiness in general, productivity and efficiency are the key. Additional productivity allows more to be achieved off less.

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Since 1963 we have been at the forefront of Merino production consistently producing Impact Sires of the highest quality thanks to our view on prioritising production and heritable traits.



Poll Merino Rams from Westray Merino’s have been bred to be the finest examples of Merino sheep available today. Our Merino sheep are Heavy Cutting Merinos as they have a high yield and class leading wool. If you are looking for Profitable Merino Genetics then our Merino’s have been perfected over generations to produce high yield wool. As Dual Purpose Merinos, our Merino’s are suitable for both meat and wool production and have been rated favourably on both counts. Our sheep are classified as Medium Micron Merinos as their wool has a fibre diameter of 20.6-22.5 microns.



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