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Profitable Merino Genetics
Westray - 210007 (E.T)
  • Sire: WP 150422 (E.T)
  • Dam: 190446
  • Micron: 20.9
  • SD: 3.0
  • CV: 14.4
  • CF: 99.4 %
  • Bodyweight: 127kgs
  • Woolcut: 15.3kgs @ 8 months

007’ is a very unique Poll sire, he has a special stud skin that caught the eye of some very astute judges in 22’. He combines outstanding length of staple with superb brightness and richness for such a bold crimping strong wool. He oozes production with an uncomplicated silky soft skin. He exhibits excellent conformation and constitution. A sire with extreme virtues and a pedigree to breed on.

Dual Purpose Merinos
Genanegie - 180023
  • Sire: 160064
  • Dam: SSE
  • Micron: 20.1
  • SD: 3.0
  • CV: 14.9
  • CF: 99.5
  • GFW: 150%
  • Bodyweight: 116kgs @ 12 months

An outstanding August drop ram, arguably the best to have been seen at Genanegie in recent memory. Weighing 116kgs at 12 months, 23’ has size, structural correctness, #1 for woolcut in his drop and excellent wool quality combining true follicle density with extra staple length, nourishment, fibre alignment and a heavier lock structure. A very complete merino sire. Semen Available.

Medium micron merinos
Westray 170521 (E.T)
  • Collinsville 170521
  • Sire: Imperial 17
  • Dam: 140198
  • Micron: 18.7
  • SD: 2.9
  • CV: 15.5
  • CF: 99.8

Imperial 521 is a young Poll sire with exceptional wool quality, great balance and correct structure. His wool has great nourishment, character and alignment. A grandson of the famous Imperial 141, sons have sold to $57,000. With a predictable pedigree involving a lot of embryo transfer he is breeding brilliant medium wools. Valued as a $60,000 ram lamb we purchased a half share. Semen Available $60 + GST per dose.

Poll Merino Rams
Collinsville - 200033 (E.T)
  • Sire: 180615
  • Dam: 180569 (E.T)
  • Micron: 21.9 (Hogget), 19.1 (2 year old)
  • SD: 2.9
  • CV: 13.2
  • CF: 99.6
  • EMD: 44
  • Bodyweight: 135Kg (Hogget), 154kg (2 year old)

33’ was the top priced Poll Merino sold in Australia in 2021, we purchased him with Lach River Merino Stud for $88,000. Selected for his dual purpose attributes, displaying a rare combination of early maturity on a big structurally correct carcase. He was 162% for GFW due to an exceptional combination of extra staple length, great nourishment and fibre alignment. He also has excellent density for such a plain body. 33” has an excellent pedigree with his sire selling for $62,000 and his Dam’s full E.T brother sold for $72,500.

Heavy Cutting Merinos
Westray- 180197 (E.T)
  • Sire: WP 150422
  • Dam: 160419 (E.T)
  • Micron: 20.8
  • SD: 3.2
  • CV: 15.4
  • CF: 99.6%
  • GFW: 137%
  • Bodyweight: 116kgs @ 15 months

197’ is an exceptionally nourished medium wool poll sire. He is a taller ram with excellent neck extension and purity. He stands proud with good structural correctness and length of body. He is a double copy poll. Sold for $20,000 to Laguna Del Toro. Westray Merinos retained Australian Semen Marketing Rights. Limited Semen Remaining.

Profitable Merino Genetics
Westray - 160913 (E.T)
  • Sire: Lustre 5-2
  • DAM: Westray 130050
  • Micron: 18.3
  • SD: 3.0
  • CV: 16.4
  • CF: 99.4 (A.W.T.A)
  • Bodyweight: 130kgs (16.5 months)
  • Cut: 11.6Kg @ 7 months

This promising young sire has outstanding skin quality, he combines immense density with superb quality through an exceptionally lustrous, elite, beautifully nourished and deeply aligned fibre. A special wool sire with scale, bone, width, barrel and structural correctness. Sires this rich and pure don’t typically have such an early maturation pattern. Semen Available $50 + GST per dose.


Dual Purpose Merinos Medium micron merinos
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Poll Merino Rams Heavy Cutting Merinos


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Profitable Merino Genetics
Dual Purpose Merinos
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Westray Merinos has sold genetics Australia wide since the studs inception and internationally to China, Argentina and South Africa. We are deliberately different.

Medium micron merinos
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Against a backdrop of escalating cost pressures to Agribusiness in general, productivity and efficiency are the key. Additional productivity allows more to be achieved off less.

Poll Merino Rams
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Since 1963 we have been at the forefront of Merino production consistently producing Impact Sires of the highest quality thanks to our view on prioritising production and heritable traits.


Poll Merino Rams from Westray Merino’s have been bred to be the finest examples of Merino sheep available today. Our Merino sheep are Heavy Cutting Merinos as they have a high yield and class leading wool. If you are looking for Profitable Merino Genetics then our Merino’s have been perfected over generations to produce high yield wool. As Dual Purpose Merinos, our Merino’s are suitable for both meat and wool production and have been rated favourably on both counts. Our sheep are classified as Medium Micron Merinos as their wool has a fibre diameter of 20.6-22.5 microns.



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